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8 Tips to Blow-dry Your Hair Like a Pro

September 9, 2015

While hair trends come and go, one thing will never go out of style – the classic blow-out. We’ve all attempted to achieve the salon-quality blow-dry at home, but find it’s hard to replicate the silky smooth strands you get at the salon. But blow-drying doesn’t have to be as tricky as you think. SalonCapri’s resident Blow-dry Queen, Denise Rossi, shares her eight start-to-finish pro tips to help you achieve a beautiful blow-out at home!

Prep Your Hair First

You may not realize it, but a perfect blow-dry starts with how you prep your hair. “It’s important because it gives nutrients to the hair, protects it from heat styling and serves as the base for the styling products that you’ll be using afterwards,” says Denise. For a solid foundation, Denise recommends Shu Uemura Wonder Worker to coat strands and to provide some hold for any additional product you’ll be adding for styling.

Pre-Drying is Crucial

Once you’ve prepped strands, section off hair into small and manageable amounts to blow-dry individually. “The biggest mistake I see when blow-drying is not sectioning the hair enough or taking too big of sections. If the bristles can’t make it through the hair properly, it doesn’t smooth the cuticle as well or work the root enough,” explains Denise.  She suggests what she calls “pre-drying” hair, which means making sure your hair is about 75-80% dry before you style it. If you don’t take the time to pre-dry and get the majority of the water out, you aren’t actually styling the hair with your dryer, you’re just drying it.

Pick a Boar Bristle Brush

While you can use a variety of brushes to blow-dry, Denise’s expert method uses a boar bristle brush, which is the foundation of her European blow-dry technique. A ceramic brush works too much as a heat bearing tool, says Denise, so it’s easier to get a hold on but force flattens the cuticle which takes away natural volume. The boar bristle allows you to smooth the cuticle and leave natural volume in the hair.

Pay Attention to the Ends

“Make sure you pay close attention to the ends,” says Denise. “Many people don’t when they are blow-drying, so the hair is nice and smooth but the ends look a little dry and unruly, rotate the ends well with the boar bristle brush to give a nice smooth finish.”

The Direction of the Dryer’s Air Flow Makes a Difference

A blow-out doesn’t always have to mean stick straight strands! Denise recommends adding volume and fullness to a blow-dry, especially if you want to curl it afterwards, because a full blow-dry can serve as a voluminous foundation for your curls. “For beachy waves, hold your iron vertically. For bouncy curls, hold diagonal or horizontal,” explains Denise.

Finish With a Lightweight, Moisturizing Emollient

After styling, finish with an emollient to moisturize (especially important after summer abuse!) and give luster, like Shu Uemura Cotton Uzu. “It’s important to finish hair off with some product because it can give definition, style, and it prolongs the life of your blow-out,” says Denise. But beware of using too much product, which can weigh hair down. Denise recommends talking to your stylist about which product is right for your hair type and what would work best on your hair to ensure the best results. It can differ for everyone!

Preserve Your Blow-Out at Night

Another key factor to preserving the life of your blow-out could be where you least expect it – your bed! “Sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep strands smooth,” recommends Denise. “I’d never suggest a scrunchie except for in this instance! Use one to secure hair that is piled loosely on top of the head and lay down to sleep.”

More Product Doesn’t Equal a Better-Looking Blow-out

Lastly, don’t think that adding more product will help your blow-out; the more product you use, the dirtier your hair will get – meaning the sooner you’ll be due for a wash!

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