Blogger Kathleen Grey Gets a Balayage and Cut Hair Transformation

September 17, 2015

With all of the highlighting techniques out there, the one that always stands out for its subtle results is balayage. The look of painted-on highlights gives a naturally sun-kissed pop of color and looks great on any hair shade. Before Kathleen Grey of When Grey Skies Are You headed down to the biggest week in the fashion world, New York Fashion Week, she had senior stylist Cameron Ryan deliver catwalk-worthy color and a chic cut. Keep reading to see Kathleen’s entire transformation and process fit for New York Fashion Week.


kathleen    kathleen 2

Kathleen came into the salon rocking her natural locks – a medium-brown shade with natural wavy texture. She wanted to go a little lighter without all the maintenance and add dimension to her mane.



L’Oréal Professionnel lightener and high lift blonde were used to color strands. A balayage board and brushes were used to paint on the color.

Coloring Process:


First, hair is sectioned taking diagonal sections towards the part. The highlighting process starts in the back and works its way forward.


Using a brush, color is delicately painted on in small sections against the board. Pieces are painted lightly at the top and then fully saturated at the bottom, for a true sun-kissed effect.

color 2

Some pieces are painted onto a board, which catches the product and is curved to aid in the painting process. Cotton is then placed close to scalp to make sure dye doesn’t bleed through onto other parts of the hair or scalp and pulls strands away from the head.

color 3

Layers of plastic are placed in between sections, so top sections don’t bleed onto bottom sections and makes it easy for Cameron to look through and see how hair is processing.

coloring 4

Once all highlights are done, Kathleen waits under a heat lamp for 15 minutes to wait for color to process. This step can be done either under a heat lamp or just at room temperature, depending on how much time you or your stylist has.


Color is then rinsed out and L’Oréal Professionnel gloss is added to the strands for 10 minutes to deposit tones, enhance the richness of color and add shine.

The Chop:


Kathleen wanted some length off and a very slight graduation. Cameron starts with cutting the shortest pieces in the back.

cut 2

Cameron finishes off the cut in the front, making sure the pieces are slightly longer than the back and are a length that is able to be pulled back.



blow dry

Hair is then blow-dried into a classic and natural looking blow-out, in order to highlight the new color and cut.


final 2



Kathleen is now rocking some seriously stylish locks with a completely transformed color and cut – a great look for New York Fashion Week!

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