Celeb Mom Looks We Love!

May 1, 2014

We love it when mother/daughter duos waltz into SalonCapri for a girls’ day of primping, pampering and gossip! We adore moms laughing as they thank their daughters for keeping them young, and enjoy watching daughters gush over their mother’s classic looks (or vice versa!). As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re reminded of all the sacred beauty tips and advice passed down from generation to generation. We’ve found some timeless hair and beauty secrets from three of our favorite celeb mother/daughter duos to share with you in honor of Mother’s Day:

First, we have the powerhouse, Tina Knowles. Never shy to experiment with her hair, we absolutely love that she’s gone dark again. Her raven locks give her a classic and youthful look, while the caramel highlights frame her face and emphasize her strong, beautiful features. What did superstar daughter, Beyoncé Knowles, learn from her stunning and stylish mom? My mom has always told me that beauty fades but inner beauty is forever. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman [who] takes care of [herself].” We couldn’t agree more!

Next on our list is Goldie Hawn, an A-list mom and a beautiful Southern California natural beach babe! Obviously, we’re obsessed her beachy waves and how her light, side swept bangs work wonderfully to soften her overall look. Wondering how Goldie and daughter, Kate Hudson, care for their blonde hair? Both ladies have bombshell tresses, but Goldie’s locks are au natural: I’ve never colored my hair. I just put a regular rinse on it because I don’t have any chemicals on it,” while Kate’s tresses are a bit more treated: Me, on the other hand, I don’t know what my hair color is anymore. I think my natural color is a darker honey blonde. One of my favorite treatments is the Kérastase black conditioning treatment. It’s amazing for colored hair.

And lastly, we have our classic starlet, Blythe Danner, and wow does she pull off those loose, natural curls beautifully! We love how she’s letting her natural grey grow out with just a hint of blonde to lighten the look. It’s the perfect length to give her a real youthful and elegant appearance. What beauty tips did A-list daughter, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, learn from here stunning mom? Nothing! Gwyneth learned it all on her own. She teaches me everything! Now that’s mother-daughter teamwork at its best!

What wonderful and unforgettable beauty and style advice has your mom shared with you? We want to know! Tweet us your top tips at @saloncapri!

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