Celebrity Redhead Transformations

October 15, 2015

Take a cue from some of the hottest stars in Hollywood for a fall hair transformation that’s sure to make a statement – red! While we always love a good chocolate brunette or warm blonde for fall, there’s nothing more seasonally chic than a rich auburn hue. Newbury St. senior stylist Ashley Mason weighs in on some celebs that have opted for the hottest shade of the season.

Ali Larter

Ali Larter went from a classic blonde to this gorgeous deep auburn hue. It works particularly well with her skin tone and makes her eyes pop. This color is a good option for fall since it’s a little edgier than just going brunette.  It’s not a fire engine red, so it gives a subdued pop of color. Even though Ali started as a blonde, I think this particular shade would be perfect for a brunette that wants to transition into red.

Sienna Miller

This look on Sienna Miller is quite a stray from her usual locks – but seriously she could pull off anything! This is more of a cooper red and is a good lighter option for blondes that want to transition into red. It’s a softer look that complements her fair skin. This totally works for her and would be great for people with a lighter base that want to change it up.

Ashley Tisdale

This color on Ashley Tisdale is meant to make more of a statement. It’s a bold red shade that’s more of a fashion tone than a natural hue. I wouldn’t recommend this for long term color, but for the time being if you’re looking for your strands to pop, this shade could totally work. It’s a higher maintenance color than most reds because you really need to keep up the vibrancy to achieve the look. Ashley was definitely trying to stand out with this dye job – and it worked!


Image Sources: Allure, Byrdie, InStyle

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