Fact or Fiction? 4 Common Hair Myths Debunked by Nick Penna Jr.!

June 17, 2014

From dubious at-home hair mask recipes, to celeb swear-by’s or your great grandmother’s tried-and-true hair growing tips, we’ve come across a slew of rules, recommendations and downright bazaar hair tips – all promising the secret to getting healthy, thick and shiny strands. So how’s a girl to tell fact from fiction when it comes to the safety of her strands (and sanity)? We picked four top hair myths that we’ve heard from our clients, friends and family and asked Nick Penna Jr., our fearless leader and pro stylist for over 20 years, to debunk these devious hair deceptions!

Myth:  You need to wash your hair every day.
Truth:  Washing your hair everyday can actually do more harm than good.  When you wash every day, natural oils in your scalp can build up and cause roots to look greasy, while the ends become dry and brittle.  Nick suggests only washing your hair when needed, perhaps every 2-3 days.  If your hair looks limp and greasy in between washes, use a good dry shampoo (e.g., L’Oréal Professionnel’s Texture Expert Fresh Dust, available at SalonCapri) to soak up oil at the roots for a quick mane refresh!

Myth: You need to trim your hair every 6 weeks if you want it to grow.
Truth: Frequent trims won’t actually make your hair grow faster, since hair grows from the roots, not the ends.  Trims keep your hair looking healthy (since the ends are always the driest) and help to maintain a style’s great shape but they won’t speed up the growth rate.

Myth: Cold water makes your hair shinier.
Truth: Cold water can partially seal the cuticles of your hair, which can improve its shininess, but don’t expect astonishing results.  If you want to try to enhance your shine, Nick suggests waiting until the end of your wash routine to drench your strands in cold water.  This will shock and seal the cuticles without the discomfort of a completely chilly wash.

Myth: Plucking out one gray hair will cause two or three more to grow in its place.
Truth:  Plucking out a gray hair will not cause more gray hairs to grow in its place.  Instead, plucking hair will irritate your scalp, which can ultimately harm hair follicles. If you think you’re starting to see some grays, Nick advises taking a trip to the salon for a color consultation with your stylist since many drugstore at-home kits just aren’t strong enough for the color to take.

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