Four Celebrity Hair Colors to Try This Fall

September 14, 2016

Don’t be afraid to switch things up when it comes to your hair color – now’s the time to experiment as the fall season approaches. Cooler weather doesn’t always have to lead to darkening your hair either – warm, lighter tones can look very pretty in autumn. Your hairstylist can work with you to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone – the goal is to brighten your face and enhance your eyes. SalonCapri’s owner and lead stylist, Nick Penna, shares four examples of hair colors he likes for fall, as seen on some of our favorite female celebrities.

Julia Roberts’ Natural Red


“I’ll start with a red-headed celebrity since we’ll see a lot more clients requesting red shades, especially deep reds. Every year when we enter fall, there’s an interest in experimenting with this color. Julia Robert’s red tone, as seen in this year’s ELLE France spread, is a rich reddish brown, which is a beautiful shade for anyone looking to try red for the first time. It looks like it could be her natural color and doesn’t have any purple in it, which I prefer.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Warm Blonde


“Jennifer has always been known for her hair and she rarely changes the color – probably because it looks so great on her so why change a good thing? She has warm blonde highlights throughout her hair, extending right up to the root and a base break has been done. A base break is a color technique that diffuses the color seen at the root so there isn’t a drastic difference between a person’s natural root color and the new color of the highlights that has been applied. All of the shades of blonde throughout her hair have no brassiness and really compliments her medium skin tone and her angular face shape. I like this color for anyone who is dark blonde to medium blonde, has an overall warm skin tone and wants to go lighter this fall.”

Blake Lively’s Easy-to-Maintain Medium Blonde


“Blake tends to switch up her hair color often (mostly for movie roles) but the changes are never too drastic and she often goes back to some version of blonde, which has become her signature color. It’s different than Jennifer Aniston’s because it’s a bit darker and the highlights start lower on her head. She looks like she has had very tiny, lighter pieces painted on throughout her long, naturally-wavy strands – most likely using a technique called “balayage,” which we do for our clients on a regular basis. I would recommend balayage for any client who doesn’t want to deal with a lot of upkeep and wants to extend their time between salon visits.”

Maria Menounos’ Medium Brown Balayage


“Maria has a very natural-looking medium brown balayage that has been added throughout her entire head. It works nicely with her heart-shaped face and there are no obvious roots. It looks very natural and soft, making it a great option this fall for any brunette, including those who have very dark brown hair.”


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