Mistakes to Avoid When Curling Hair

November 5, 2015

There’s no better way to top off your flawless look with some catwalk-worthy curls. Getting these treasured tresses at home can be more difficult than it seems, with everything from crazy crimps to fried ends getting in the way of your perfectly styled locks. To make sure you’re not the culprit of unkempt curls, Newbury St. stylist Janessa gave us the lowdown on the most common mistakes made when curling hair and how to avoid them.

Forgetting the Ends

Oftentimes, many people completely forget about the ends. The majority of the strand is a gorgeous and styled curl, but then the end fishtails out and looks unruly or crimped. You want to make sure you’re consistently opening the clamp when curling hair to avoid leaving out the ends. Start at the mid-shaft of hair and wrap hair around the barrel while slowly working the barrel down the hair, making sure the ends get time under the clamp as well. If you’re using a wand, try to get as close to the ends as possible. The ends are less noticeable when hair curled by a wand because the ends tend to be straighter for beachy looks, but it’s still important to make sure they don’t look unmanageable!

Curling in the Wrong Direction

Always start with the front pieces curled away from the face. This opens up the face and makes the style much more natural looking and softens the entire look. If the front pieces are curled in instead of away, it doesn’t look as natural and effortless.

Using the Wrong Iron

Obviously the curling iron is the biggest component in curling the hair, so using the right one is crucial. If you have long hair, you can get away with using a large barrel curling iron, but often people use a curling iron that’s way too large for the length of their hair. Be sure your iron corresponds to your hair length. Also, choose an iron for the type of curl you want. If you’re going for a beachy look, be sure to use a wand. For more structured curls, a clamp iron will do.

Not Using Enough Product

If hair is falling flat, you may not be using enough product. Spray strands with something that will give the curls hold, like Kérastase VIP spray, for added volume and texture. Be sure to use enough product for curls to stay put, but not too much to weigh hair down!

Sectioning Incorrectly

Sometimes people get stuck because they only know how to “make” one type of curl. They may be going for big bouncy curls but end up with small ringlets. This is a lot of the time due to the way they section hair. For big bouncy curls, use larger sections when wrapping around the iron – you will likely have to hold for longer around the iron. For tighter and smaller curls, use thinner sections when curling. The amount you take into each section really affects the type of curl you are going for, so make sure you’re sectioning accordingly!

Being Too Cautious

Once we’ve achieved the perfect curl, we’re often scared to ruin it. We think touching it can undo our bouncy tresses. However, this logic can actually work against you. It’s oftentimes helpful to break up the curls with your fingers or sometimes even run a brush through your hair. It gives a more natural look and makes hair not as stiff from all of the heat and product!


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