Nicholas Penna Jr.’s Tips for Maintaining Your Mane’s New Fall Hue!

September 17, 2014

Fashion Week, falling leaves, fluffy sweaters…there’s no mistaking it, friends – fall has finally arrived! Here at SalonCapri, autumn is one of our favorite seasons – it’s a time to be focused on friends, family, food and, above all, change! And what’s a better way to update last year’s sweater than with a beautiful new fall hue for your hair? Whether it’s a subtle gloss or a full on color change, one thing’s certain: the better you treat your strands post-color, the longer your hue will look vibrant. For all of your color-caring needs this fall, we got the inside scoop from Nick Penna Jr., our fearless lead stylist and color-care extraordinaire, on his top tips for keeping color-treated hair as bright and crisp as an autumn day!

1. Start with the basics and invest in a shampoo for color-treated hair. Good quality shampoos for color-treated hair can be a bit on the pricey side, so Nick recommends alternating every other time you shower with a regular shampoo. The more expensive shampoo for colored hair will last longer (saving you money) and your hair will still get proper care!

2. Every other time you visit your hair stylist to get your color done, get an in-salon conditioning treatment done as well. A conditioning treatment will not only help your color be absorbed better, but it is also a great way to keep your hair healthy, as well as moisturized.

3. After getting your color done, it is recommended to wait 24-48 hours to wash your hair. It is important to let your hair absorb the color in order to decrease the risk of early fading.

4. Try your best to avoid any sort of hot oil or chemical treatment right after getting your color done. Hot oil treatments have ingredients that are highly acidic which will cause your hair to be stripped of its new color.

5. If you find yourself in desperate need of a root touch-up between appointments, get a gloss. Glosses work by sealing colored hair cuticles, while simultaneously helping to stretch the color’s life. Glosses are great because not only are they a very healthy way to extend hair color, but they are also much more budget-friendly than getting a full color-treatment!

6. Every three to four weeks, do an at-home conditioning treatment. Like your fingernail cuticles, your hair cuticles get very dry in the colder months. Keeping your hair moisturized will allow for your hair cuticles to stay closed, giving you less frizz.

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