Olaplex Reparative Treatment

November 24, 2015

Here at SalonCapri, we’re all fans of some bold new color. Whether its platinum blonde, a deep chestnut brown, or an edgy rainbow hue – our stylists can transform and enhance your look with some bold highlights or all-over dye job.

But as most of us color-crazed ladies know, gorgeous color isn’t always the healthiest for your hair. The chemicals that deliver your sought after shade can eventually wear down the bonds in your hair, causing damage and breakage to strands.  That’s where Olaplex comes in – the latest and greatest treatment in repairing and maintaining the integrity of hair during coloring.

Olaplex is a state-of-the-art ingredient that gets added directly into the color formula before it’s applied onto hair. During coloring, hair is damaged from chemicals that start to eat away at the bonds in the hair shaft. But by using Olaplex, bonds are repaired instantly, reversing the damage of the harsh chemicals in the dye.

Olaplex is a bond multiplier, which means it repairs broken bonds in hair, the same bonds that would usually break when in contact with peroxide. The goal of Olaplex is to eliminate breakage from chemical services, leaving hair feeling soft, repaired and healthy. Think of Olaplex as a step further than a traditional conditioning treatment. Instead of coating the hair, the treatment actually goes into strands to repair at a cellular level. Often referred to as the “holy grail for hair color,” even celebs like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez have gotten the treatment to keep their color-treated locks looking red carpet-ready.

Interested in trying this coveted add-in? We offer Olaplex in all of our coloring treatments for an additional $25. So the next time you’re in the chair, add Olaplex to enhance and improve your color treated hair!

Image Source: Olaplex

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