Our Top Tips for Rotating Your Hair Products Like A Pro!

October 7, 2014

We’ve all heard word that changing up your beauty routine now and again can work wonders on your hair’s health and appearance, but when you fall in love with new “life changing” shampoo or conditioner, it can be hard to remove it from your daily rotation! Senior Stylist Jamie Champagne of our Dedham location shares her tips and reasoning behind rotating your shampoo and conditioner for a healthy mane that will last year round!

1. Change with the seasons! If you live in a seasonal climate the most important time to change up your cleaning and conditioning routines is when the temperature and humidity begin to shift. With each new season comes a myriad of hair woes to combat; dry winter air coupled with heated interiors can seriously dry out your mane, so keep that protective moisturizing conditioner close at hand. On the flipside, heat and humidity in the summer can cause hair to frizz, so a smoothing product like Kerastase’s new Discipline line will work wonders.

2. Switch it up! There is nothing quite like that “Eureka!” moment of trying a new shampoo that leaves your straw-like strands as supple as corn silk after one wash! However, Jamie cautions that when you use a product to remedy an issue like dryness, breakage, or dullness, the product will only give you dramatic results until it has done its job. Switching up your products will allow you to target your changing needs and achieve noticeable results on a week-to-week basis.

3. Discover something new! Jamie recommends updating your hair products “as often as you update your iPhone!” Hair products and treatment technology are constantly evolving – there are new product lines targeted at specific hair issues that hit the market (and your favorite salon, SalonCapri!) every few months. You may think that the moisturizing conditioner you’ve been using for the last year is the best there is, but keep in mind that hair care companies are constantly creating more sophisticated products and lines that target specific needs! Ask your stylist for the newest products that they recommend – you might find something even better than your current go-to products.

4. Ask a pro! Any chemical process – be it coloring, Keratin treatments, extensions, or even glosses, all require specialized hair regimens to keep hair looking its best, so make sure you change up your product shelf when you make a treatment or styling change! The stylist who does your treatment should always give you a product and daily regimen prescription that will keep your hair looking its best until your next appointment!

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