Product Spotlight: Kérastase Elixir Ultime Sérum Solide!

January 16, 2015

When the weather’s been cold and dry for as long as you can remember, it can often mean your hair is suffering winter woes as well and could use some daily TLC before you head out into the elements! While we’re firm believers in the miraculous powers of a monthly in-salon deep conditioning treatment and a weekly at home masque, when the climate calls for it, we often need a little something applied directly to dry hair too.  This month, we’re all about Kérastase’s newest nourishing and styling sensation: Elixir Ultime Sérum Solide!  We asked Ashley Mason, Senior Stylist at SalonCapri Boston, for the full lowdown on this latest product pick…

Who needs it: calling all curly-haired ladies with thick tresses, this one’s for you! Ashley recommends Sérum Solide to her clients that come in complaining of dry, brittle ends and unmanageable curls in desperate need of some added shine and suppleness. Ladies with thin or fine locks should stick with a lighter serum such as Kérastase’s Fiber Architecte for smoothing and repairing flyways and split ends.

What it’s all about: the ultra-thick serum is jam-packed with the highest concentration of 15 precious oils that work together to fight the top five common thick or curly hair coif annoyances by sealing split ends, regenerating shaft damage, taming unruly strands, illuminating highlights and reviving dry curls.

Why we love it: leave it to Ashley to sum up the product’s purpose perfectly: “it’s the equivalent of adding a shiny protective top coat to your new manicure – obviously a must for sealing in color and keeping those raggedy edges at bay!” Plus, the pretty, purse-sized packaging is easy to tote around for all-day frizz fighting and the occasional style refresher.

How to use it: Ashley cautions that a little goes a long way, so use sparingly. Warm a small amount between fingers until melted and apply evenly on dry hair to the most sensitized zones (split-ends, highlights and frizz-prone areas).

Elixir Ultime Sérum Solide is available at all SalonCapri locations for retail purchase ($45).

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