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Trend Alert: Bronde!

July 16, 2015

What do a princess, an actress and a supermodel all have in common? They are all rocking this season’s trendiest hair hue – bronde!  A cross between blonde and brunette, this shade is flattering, subtle and a perfect transition into fall. It’s no surprise that Kate Middleton, Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne are sporting this versatile hue.

We asked our Newbury St. Senior Stylist, Caitlin Young, for the inside scoop on this stunning shade…

Who should go bronde?

This shade is perfect for blondes who are coming out of their summer hair. If blondes want to tone it down for fall, this is a great option without going totally brunette. It’s easiest on blondes because it’s not that big of a chemical process and pretty easy on the hair. This shade can work well on brunettes too if they are looking for a more subtle way to lighten up their hair color.

What should a client ask their stylist for if they want to go bronde?

It’s always easiest if a client refers to a celebrity or brings in a picture. There are so many shades of bronde, so having an example helps. If you’re already blonde, you should ask for a toned down warmer look, more of a light brown shade.

Why do you think this look is so popular?

I love this look because it’s natural with dimension. It’s so popular right now because everyone is into these having a hippie/natural look to their hair. It’s an easy shade, works on most people and with fall right around the corner, it’s an easy transition. This color also grows out easier than other shades do, so it’s much less maintenance.

What do you think of Blake Lively’s new ’do?

I really like it! It looks more natural, and natural balayage is what’s in right now. I also think it looks super healthy.

What should clients know before going bronde?

Don’t just assume that this color can be done in one process. A lot of it depends on what color your hair is now. The more blonde you are, the longer it will take. Don’t expect to walk out of the salon looking exactly like Blake Lively. Your stylist can tell you which bronde shade will work best on your hair. That being said, it is still a healthy way to tone down your current hair shade since the coloring process isn’t as harsh as other colors…I would definitely recommend it to clients.


Image Sources:  Cara Delevingne  Kate Middleton Blake Lively



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