Trend Alert: Slicked-Back Style

September 2, 2015

When Hollywood’s young elite start rocking a single trend out and about at public events, you know it’s something worth paying attention to…even just for a few months! Slicked-back strands have been the hot hairstyle as of late so we asked Newbury St. stylist, Caitlin Young, for the inside scoop on one of our favorite slicked-back versions, Gigi Hadid’s ‘do at the 2015 VMAs.  

Why do you think this look is so big right now?

I think it’s so popular because it truly just showcases your face and facial features. It brings out and highlights all aspects of your face, and for someone as gorgeous as Gigi Hadid, that’s important!

Why do you love Gigi’s look?

I love this particular style because it’s not as wet-looking and sleek as others. It achieves the look of a slick-back without having that shiny appearance and has tons of body. The lift at the roots makes it a softer slick-back that’s very youthful.

How do you go about getting this style?

This is a style that needs a lot of hold and is pulled back and lifted at the root with fullness around the face. I would start by putting volumizing mousse at the roots and blow dry your hair away and off of the face using a paddle brush. Concentrate on lifting the root away from the face – to get Gigi’s look you don’t want it flat to the head. The sides of hair that are closest to the ears should be the tightest to the head, in order to achieve the desired shape. Once hair is dry, spritz gently with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Shower Shine spray to finish it off with a touch of luster.

Who does this look work best on?

This look would work best on someone with mid-length to long hair. Short hair works too, although it makes for an edgier look and not as soft. I’d recommend this look for someone who is also comfortable with the size of their forehead, as this showcases a lot of that area! It works particularly well for people with round face shapes, like Gigi.

How do you get a slicked back look that doesn’t necessarily look wet?

To avoid an oily look, use texturizing powder like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni. Art True Grip, which provides volume and hold without a shiny finish. It leaves hair looking clean and is durable enough to hold slicked back styles in place.

How does this red carpet look translate to everyday life?

This is probably not an everyday look for most people but it’s perfect for a night out with the girls, date night, or any excuse to get dressed up and pair your outfit with some fierce hair!


Image Source: Brian To / WENN via Ace Show Biz


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