Victoria’s Secret-worthy Waves

December 9, 2015

Victoria’s Secret models are known for many things – their stunning good-looks, amazing physique and, most importantly (to us at SalonCapri at least!), for their fabulous ’dos. Their signature locks are almost as well-known as the infamous models that rock them, with effortless waves and tousled tresses making the ultimate sexy statement.  To get this runway-ready look at home, Newton stylist Brittany Sybertz gives us the lowdown on the easiest way to achieve the coveted style.

The key to getting this look is to remember that it’s supposed to be effortless, so don’t be scared to play around and rough it up a bit! “Nobody wants to look like they put a ton of effort into doing their hair,” explains Brittany. “Remember you want it to be natural, yet sexy.”

To get the look, start by applying Kérastase Mousse Bouffant to wet hair before blow-drying. “The mousse will help give lift at the root for added volume,” says Brittany. By adding volume at the root, you get a more wind-swept look, making the style feel much softer.

Once hair is dry, divide it into 1-inch sections and curl away from the face with a medium barrel curling iron. Use the curling iron like a wand (without the clamp) to create a loose curl. “Be sure to leave the ends of hair out when curling,” Brittany explains “That way, the ends will be straighter, giving a more casual and natural look.”  After each curl, use your hand to pull through and stretch out the curl while hair is still hot to create a wavy look.

Once hair is fully curled, use Tecni.Art Next Day Hair or L’Oréal Professionnel Crepage de Chignon to spray up into the hair rather than down on the root to help maintain the volume. “These mineral powder sprays hold the style while adding texture for a more tousled finish instead of the stiff look that you might get with hairspray,” notes Brittany.

Once hair is sprayed and set, run fingers through hair one last time for extra effortless texture and you’re ready for the Victoria’s Secret runway!

Image Source: Victoria’s Secret

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